In ancient times, where was none on the earth except Virtues and Vices only exist and round the world having extremely boring feeling.
One day, as a solution for the problem of getting boring, The Creativity created a game and called it “Al Ostoghomaya” (Hide and Seek game). They (Virtues and Vices) were all happy to play the new game and the Insanity shouted loudly and said: “I want to start… I want to start first…” then the Insanity closed its eyes and started counting out loudly: “ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR…..”
They started to hide where: The Tenderness found a place over the moon for itself, the Treason hide itself under garbage pile, the Fondness got to hide between clouds, while the Longing got to hide underground and finally and the Lying said loudly: “I will hide under the rock” and got to hide at the bottom of a lake.
The Insanity continued counting out: “SEVENTY NINE… EIGHTY… EIGHTY ONE…..” during that they (Virtues and Vices) finished hiding except the Love. As usual, it wasn’t a decision making so it couldn’t decide where to disappear. This is not surprising to anyone. We all know how difficult it was to conceal love.
The Insanity continued: “NINETY FIVE… NINETY SIX…..”
When it reached hundred, the Love quickly jumped amid the bush of Roses and disappeared inside. The Insanity opened its eyes and searching and said: “I’m comin… I’m comin…”
The Laziness was found the first because it made no effort to conceal itself. Then the Tenderness was appeared over the moon. After that, the Lying emerged from the bottom of the lake taking a deep breath and pointed to the Longing to appear.
The Insanity found them all one after another except the Love. The Insanity was just about to stunning frustration and despair in its search for the Love. While the Envy came beside the Insanity and whisper: “the love inside the bush of pinky roses”
The Insanity picked up a garden fork and started to stab the bush of pinky roses frivolously as to make the Love get outside.
It didn’t stop until it heard a voice crying let a heart-rending.
The love came outside putting its hands over its eyes and the blood running from between its fingers. The Insanity shouted repentantly: “Ooh god! What I did??!!” and continued: “What can I do to get my initial mistake repaired after I made you blind??!!”
The Love replied: “You won’t be able to make me see again. However, you can be my guide”
And that’s what happened the Love becomes blind led by Insanity.