First of all, what I’ve wrote about it that it can read your mind was a joke (this is if you’re directed to here from AUC group or . The solution is so simple, as it doesn’t know what is the number you choose. It is just direct you to a number already known. The calculations you do over any number you choose (from 10 to 99) will result the following numbers (9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81). If go back to check the chart of numbers and symbols, you can find they are same and change at each round in order to confuse you. The following equation explains it:

(A × 10 + B) – (A + B) = 9A

Where (A) is the first digit and (B) is the second digit. As you know, we can represent the decimal numbers as [33 = (3 ×10) + (3)]. This means whatever (B) you choose, your answer can only be one of the following 9 numbers which is 9A [ 9×1=9; 9×2=18; 9×3=27; 9×4=36; 9×5=45; 9×6=54; 9×7=63; 9×8=72; 9×9=81 ].


Finally we say mathematics is a language.